Canister Vacuum Comparison

Bagged vs Bagless

Setting the benchmark in craftsmanship and functionality, Rowenta’s canister vacuums meet our most rigorous standards. Whether you choose a bagged or bagless model, you can rest easy knowing that each product has been built for durability and quality. Not sure which model to choose? Here are some helpful insights to help you decide:


Rowenta’s bagged canister vacuums have been built to achieve best-in-class performance. While in use, dust particles are collected in a disposable bag.

  • Extremely hygienic – you never come in contact with the dust
  • Limits allergic reactions
  • Dust remains hidden from view


Rowenta’s bagless canister vacuums feature superior styling and engineering.

In contrast to the bagged canister vacuums, dust particles are collected in a container that must be emptied periodically.

  • No replacement bags are required (therefore no ongoing cost)
  • No loss of suction (Consistent Powerful Suction)

The Clean Air Solution: HEPA

For allergy sufferers, dirt and dust particles can be the bane of their existence, causing them ongoing health problems. However, Rowenta’s HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter can trap a large amount of very small dirt and dust particles – at least 99.7% of particles of .3 microns.