Space saving solutions for a small home


Whether you’ve recently escaped the confines of your parents’ place for a snug studio apartment, have upgraded to a posh condo in the city or just feel that storage in your home is busting out at the seams, small space living can be a challenge.

Here are some simple ideas to get creative and maximize every square inch by making the most of your home’s existing space:

Open your entryway

The area where people enter your home should be functional so you can maneuver easily and efficiently. Instead of leaving a row of shoes lined up at the door, mount a shoe rack to keep everything neat and tidy… and off the floor where you or your guests can trip. Another great trick is installing an oversized mirror in your front hallway to give the impression of more space.

Contain Clutter

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and also the busiest room. Used for anything from cooking meals, to hosting parties and making lunches, the kitchen needs all the functionality it can get. Maximize space with vertical sliding shelving in the pantry and use drawer organizers and food storage containers for dried goods. Another great option is overhead pot and pan storage - not only will it free up space in your cupboards, but it can also act as a design focal point.

Go for compact appliances

Appliances are another major culprit for taking up crucial space. Opt for solutions that will get the jobs you need done without taking up unnecessary square inches. Try a vacuum like Rowenta’s Silent Force Extreme Compact which is 25 per cent more compact than the original but just as powerful. It delivers superior dust pickup with the added benefit of enhanced noise reduction.

Choose Multifunctional Furniture

The most used rooms seem to get the messiest the fastest. For these seemingly un-cleanable spaces, find furniture that does double duty, like ottomans that hold video games or accessories and coffee tables that have built-in drawers and shelving.