Warm up your Décor for Fall

Autumn has arrived, and just as we update our wardrobe for the cooler temperatures, it’s time to do the same for our home. Dress your space with simple decorating touches that will make it feel welcoming and cozy.


Pile on the pillows.

Add a focal point to your living room sofa with pillows that have interesting textures and warm hues. Employ patterns like plaid and tweed to work with your existing colour scheme and layer them up for a comfy and inviting look.

Line tables with fabric.

Adding a seasonally appropriate runner is a perfect way to warm up your table for fall. Get creative by using a long scarf or thin blanket and coordinate with seasonal themed dishes and centrepieces like fresh herbs, branches or pumpkins.

Roll out a rug.

Area rugs are great way to add colour and texture to your floors. Plus, when the temperature drops outside, they provide extra cushioning and warmth to ensure that your feet can avoid cold tile and hardwood floors. Keep your cozy floors clean with Rowenta’s Silent Force Extreme. Its multi floor head makes it easy switch from hardwood to carpet and with power that’s never been this silent, you won’t even notice it working so hard for you.

Hang heavier curtains.

While light and airy shades are perfect for summer, thicker materials offer greater insulation to keep the heat in. Not only are they a great style element but they will also help to reduce home heating costs.

Find fall scents.

Nothing screams fall more than quintessential flavours like pumpkin, apple and spice. Add them to your home with your favourite scented candle, or even better, bake up a delicious sweet treat to fill your family’s hearts and stomachs.

Soothe with soft tones.

Fall colours don’t have to mean dark and dreary. You can still add bright whites but try combining them with autumn oranges or browns. Even jewel tones like magenta and teal can add intrigue while giving your home a warm and inviting feel.

Transform your home into an autumn oasis with these simple tips.